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04.10.2006 (0.10.4)
  • Removed a bad memory leak. Why did nobody ever complain about this?
  • Save some relocations.

07.04.2006 (0.10.3)

  • Implemented a second and direct rendering path. This removes the indirection of rendering everything to a temporary GdkPixbuf_ first.

15.03.2006 (0.10.2)

  • Make most symbols internal to the engine.
  • Prefix all non static symbols.

15.02.2006 (0.10.1)

  • Add a small speedup, by scaling and compositing at the same time.


  • Added an evil hack to save GdkPixbuf_ creation/destruction. For apps with a lot of widgets this can improve speed a lot (I got ~30% in my tests)


  • Fixed a small rendering bug for partial redraws when draw_entire_only was enabled.


  • Fixed another leak

25.08.2005 (0.10.0)

  • Fixed a lot of leaks. Some of them critical.


  • Added some experimental code so that it is possible to visually group buttons in toolbars, etc.

04.08.2005 (0.9.8)

  • Releasing the different bugfixes.


  • Bugfix. Now gcalctool works correctly (and maybe other apps)


  • Fixed a bad bug. Found it only by accident though.

30.07.2005 (0.9.7)

  • Cleaned up some error messages in filter.c


  • menu_items are now also drawn as box_gap. (As before the menus)


  • Added support for * and ? in the detail string, and program name. This might be usefull for the program name matching.


  • Added a small speedup, by saving some GdkPixbuf_ creations. (Removed again, since it doesn't work.)

01.06.2005 (0.9.6)

  • Added possibility to match against the program name. eg. program = "zenity", "abiword"


  • warnings in filter.c are now usefull.


  • Fills can now have an opacity. (A temporary image will be created.)
  • Fills can inherit from images and vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug introduced by the above feature. A fill would inherit the mirror option of an image. This is now disabled.

05.15.2005 (0.9.5)

  • This release adds support for checking any propertie of widgets. This can be used for checking the orientation of GtkProgressBars, and a lot more.
  • There is now a small summary of the features of this engine available at
  • The engine now can be compiled with byacc and bison.

04.05.2005 (

  • This again fixes a bug in I hope now the PKG_CHECK_MODULES line is correct!

01.05.2005 (0.9.4)

  • This version now has right to left locale support. This means there is a new option text_orientation, that you can use for i18l.
  • Bumped up the version number, because I believe enough important changes have accumulated.

27.04.2005 (

  • Ok, this fixes an error in the I missed to put gtk+-2.0 into PKG_CHECK_MODULES so the engine got linked wrong (it only compiled because of a stupid hack). This should fix the linking issue, and all apps should look fine again.

18.04.2005 (

  • This Version fixes a bug which caused wrong colors sometimes. (I wanted to save an hash table lookup, but that doesn't work)

27.03.2005 (0.9.3)

  • Some speedups. Engine doesn't feel much faster though.
  • Fixed bug because of which some icons had color strips.
  • Fixed bug that gaps weren't drawn correctly, if they only needed a partial redraw.

25.01.2005 Mostly bugfixes. e.g.

  • Fixed Firefox menu bug
  • some memory leaks.

02.01.2005 This is the first official release of the eXperience GTK-2 engine.

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