Art Stuff

I decided to put some scripts I wrote into a git repository. Right now it does not contain a lot, but maybe it'll grow.

The repository is at:

git clone

You can also browse it online

GDM Screenshots Utilities

In gdm there is a bash script to create a screenshot of a GDM theme using a virtual X server (Xvfb). It can screenshot GDM themes at any size and depth.

There is also a creategdmscreenshots script, that I am now again using to create automated screenshots of GDM themes submitted to ( I hope it'll work now, as I had a setup like this quite a while ago, but it would fail to screenshot themes way too often.

gkt-engines screenshot script

Scripts to create screenshots of different engine versions. The result is at

Script to move icon themes to the one canvas workflow

A script to aggregate icons into one canvas, so that one can convert icon themes to the one canvas workflow more easily.

Whatever else I might have forgotten

I am not updating this site regularily. So see the git repository for the available scripts.