Most of the leaks are resolved in the 0.10.0 version. I will soon release a 0.10.1 version which will fix another leak. My development version now runs valgrind clean!.. I do not know of any bugs currently. (Though some global variables in the engine might make problems, so I should rename them or something.)

The following bugs are problems in some applications, that you might see with the eXperience or other themes.

There is a bug with galeon. Not sure if it realy is in the engine, and how it is caused. These are the steps to reproduce it:

  1. File->Properties
  2. Open the tab Images
  3. Close the window.
  4. Galeon crashes

Ok, I now hunted this bug down a little ... here is a theme which reproduces it:

#The following theme crashes galeon.
#This happens when you go to File->Properties->Images and then close the dialog.
#The crash involves a GtkStyle, that is beeing destroyed. This GtkStyle has
#NULL pointers for (all) GtkGCs
#The object that is beeing destroyed seems to be one from Mozilla

style "notebook" { }

#This is the completet widget_class ... a crash occurs
widget_class    "GtkDialog.GtkVBox.GtkNotebook.GtkVPaned.GtkVBox.GtkViewport.MozillaEmbed.MozContainer" style "notebook"

#This does _not_ cause a crash.
#widget_class   "*.MozContainer"              style "notebook"

#This causes one again.
#widget_class   "*MozillaEmbed.MozContainer"  style "notebook"
So obviously the crash is not related to the eXperience engine.
We have written a mail to gtk-devel, and are trying to get a hold on this bug. It is just that right now we don't know whether this is a gtk or mozilla bug. (Though I am guessing it is gtk)

Unfortunatly there is no workaround for this bug, because it is caused by the Notebook colorization style (ie. Change the color of all widgets inside notebooks). And we don't want to drop that one in the eXperience theme.

Some icons have a random background. This seems to happen for icons that have a lower opacity than usual. But this only happens for some icons. To reproduce it press the disconnect button in evolution (and don't disconnect, but leave the dialog open).

Looks like for transparent pixbufs a bitmap mask is ignored.

I reported a bug. (


Hi, with current gtk the engine produces this error: eXperience engine: Area of a spinbutton not NULL, this means GTK has changed they are still drawn correctly though. just wanted to let you know. btw thanks for this engine. I think you should have a simpler (and better looking) theme for this engine. it's definitely what an artist could want from a gtk engine but the luna theme might be a bit too advanced to get into using it.