Since currently there is only the eXperience theme (as far as I know) here is only a screenshot of it.


On the screenshot you can see nautilus with the eXperience theme. In the folder you can see the images that are used to draw the buttons and some other things in the theme. Notice that they most of the images are red. The color is changed by the engine to match the gtk colors.

The following shots show of some menu code:

No other engine does support this currently :) Though I expect they will steal it at some point.

Evolution screenshot:


In the screenshot the notebook doesn't have the correct color. This is because the gtkrc had a bug when it was created.

And if you really want to have a look at some boring and badly encoded video (it is scaled up ...):

This shows off that the engine is able to detect, if there are two buttons next to each other in the toolbar. The idea is to make OSX like grouping of buttons with something like this. This needs more love before it can work correctly, and probably some support from the apps.

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